December 10, 2015
There is so much I could say about the Akron Snow Angels, I would like to start off by saying how amazing Erin is for starting such a wonderful group. Her heart and soul is really in this and how could it not? I found out for myself how it feels to be her.
My son Connor and I went out with the Akron Snow Angels for the first time this past Sunday (Feb 22, 2015). We set out with bags and bags of clothes, boots, hats, gloves, scarfs and most of all love. Our first stop was the bridge into Akron where we hung hats, gloves, and scarfs. What an amazing sight we saw, not only were the Akron Snow Angels leaving things for the less fortunate, but many others were too! That’s a community coming together to help fight the cold of winter for our fellow friends.
Our 2nd stop was in the parking lot across the street from North Hill United Methodist Church. We hung hats, gloves, scarfs and warm socks on the railings leading into the church. My son Connor loved hanging the items, he also loved making his very own snow angels in the snow!! Our final stop was to Grace Park where we all lined up our cars (there were about 8 or so) and we opened our trunks and waited as gentlemen came from Haven of Rest. It really makes you think and appreciate what you have, I had a gentleman (probably not more than 30 years old) ask for a clean pair of underwear. It’s the little things that we can give to make their day that much better. I have never felt so much love, one woman who came over from the women’s shelter was almost in tears as she said: “This is like Christmas morning!!”. She was so excited to have a nice warm purple hat and a pair of jean leggings. The hugs you receive from these men and women are so warm and genuine.
At the end of the evening, while laying in bed, Connor and I reflected on our day. Talked about what we saw and what we did. As we finished up our reflection on our morning Connor said, “Mom, why can’t we just buy them a house. They can all live in it and they wouldn’t have to sleep out in the snow?” Oh, little man how I wish we could!! If everyone could pay it forward to even just one person, we as a whole could move mountains.
Pictured is Connor showing us how to do a backwards Snow Angels!  🙂