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Volunteers are needed to help with sorting & tagging items to prepare for each weekend mission. This is critical to assess inventory and to assure that items are clean and ready to be distributed. Due to the volume of donations and the amount distributed weekly, volunteers are needed throughout the week. This is a great opportunity for corporate or church groups, families, or individuals.

Sorting & Tagging
Sorting and tagging clothing in preparation for missions.

Mission Drivers & Riders
Assist with distributing clothing and items to those in need. If volunteering as a driver, you must have a your own vehicle with clear trunk, license, and insurance.

Below is a list of the volunteer opportunities for the 2018-2019 winter mission season:

December 16, 2018- Sunday Mission-


January 6, 2019- Sunday Mission-

January 12, 2019- Saturday Mission-

January 20, 2019- Sunday Mission-

February 3, 2019- Sunday Mission-

February 9, 2019- Saturday Mission-

February 17, 2019- Sunday Mission-

March 3, 2019- Sunday Mission-

March 9, 2019- Saturday Mission-

March 24, 2019- Sunday Mission-

April 13, 2019- Saturday Mission-

April 14, 2019- Sunday Mission-